I think I love the Bananas in Pyjamas Playtime Book (Katrina Van Gendt,  ABC Enterprises 1992) more than any book linked to a TV show deserves to be loved. Indeed I love this book much, much more than Bananas in Pyjamas on TV which I find irritating and puzzling. On the TV show, the bananas are twins and the teddies are somewhat incompetent adults (as far as I can work out).

These books, of which there are three (all out of print and expensive online, but turn up at the opshop) are charming. Playtime (Grace calls it the bajamas book) was a favourite finisher for pre-bed reading for ages, followed by singing the song. In these books the teddies are clearly toddlers and pre-schoolers, doing familiar ativities and the bananas are most definitely their carers. There are other carers, like beetroot man and zucchini in bikini but they're not on every page. I'm not exactly what role the bananas have here but it's way less stated than on TV. And I just love the final page where one of the teddies is asleep in a Banana's arms and another teddy is being carried upstairs by the other Banana. It's so tender and sweet. Grace often goes awww and presses her face to the page (quite a common reaction when she sees affection in books). The Bananas could be foster carers, or run a wildly fun childcare centre. Perhaps gay male parents. Or some other set up entirely. I love how open it all is.


This ilustration is from the page: On Friday they all played with water. We've been doing quite a lot of that here lately. Setting up the plastic shell under the clothes line, once it's shady. Normally at the end of the day after I've bought the washing in. Gee, I miss the sprinkler though and squirting the hose. And deep play pools. We fill ours with one bucket. And I'm sure even that's illegal.

Still, there's something very Australian about this picture. We don't have frangipani and banana palms much in Melbourne. Maybe it's set in Queensland? Grace always points to the Banana hanging his pyjamas on the line saying, and his clean socks too. Do you think he might be yelling at the teddys not to squirt water on his nice clean washing? Oh no, a banana wouldn't yell at a teddy. Even if it was really, really hot and he still had to do some housework while everyone else played in the pool. Hopefully he got to sit with his feet in the water for a while afterwards. Without a constant barrage of requests for drinks and other stuff each time he sat down.

Feck it's hot.

crisp cotton sheets, drying in the sun

I do love to watch sheets billowing in a warm summer breeze. Knowing that they will be completely dry and ready to fold at the end of the day. That the smell of outside will keep in the linen press (in the bathroom even) for a good couple of weeks. The way the sheets snap when you fold them.


Feeling and smelling that outside crispness when you crawl into bed. Especially when the day was so long and busy that you forgot that you changed the sheets that morning.

This doona cover is 300 (or 350, but more than 250 which is the standard below which I don't think it's worth going) cotton percale from Target in a sale a couple of years ago, with many more years to go. Not my favourite colour doona cover (although getting better as it fades) but the nicest feeling one. Affordable luxury of the best kind. We also have a sheet set in cream, which I bought at the same sale. Divine.