the girl who lived in a washing machine

Another youtube clip, I'm afraid. Found while browsing twitter because I've read all the blogs on my bloglines and I'm feeling too lame to you know, actually participate. Posted by Kim, I don't know how long ago. I find the clip a bit strange and sort of faintly irritating, although I rather like the bit when she snips the button of his shirt. And that he can't see her. Ooh and when she looks out from the machine where she seems to be living. It seems like quite a cool pad.

But I did find it odd at the end that she was lying and possibly living in water. Very wet. Perhaps it's a metaphor for all those girlie emotions. Who knows? Anyways I love all those washing machines. And the clothes swooshing round in them. Very nice indeed.

Added later - I can't stop playing the film clip, it's so dammed catchy and so was looking Lisa Mitchell up on the internerd and she's Australian and she talks about making the video for the song, Coin Laundry on her myspace pageWe had to shut the laundrette to the public, obviously, with the film crew all shoved inside and people kept walking up to the door with their big bag of dirty clothes and heartbroken looks on their faces. We had to turn them away. Poor things!