in honour of the day

Today is a public holiday because of a horse race. I'd be thrilled except that as I normally I don't work on a Tuesday, I don't get an extra day off work. Just three days worth of customers on the days either side and can I tell you this (cue Kevin Rudd voice), they are not happy. Nonetheless it is a beautiful, quiet day outside and right now I am at home, on the computer while Grace sleeps, instead of coming home from playgroup and the park with her needing sleep but fighting me viciously about it. 

Anyway this is supposed to be about the horses. Or something. Last year Alina sent me this photo which I was too slack to use in a timely manner (this happens more often than I care to admit when people send me or alert me to stuff I might like, sorry) so  thought today might be the day.


I'm not exactly where the picture comes from, but I think it is cup related. I like the prosaic towels and uncool modern hills hoist foreshadowing expensive horses. That apparently have their own security guards before the cup. So thank you Alina and I hope everyone had a lovely cup day, however you spent it.