new house, new laundry

I can barely remember when I was here last. Of course I keep meaning to come back. It's not as if I don't have anything laundry related to whinge about. The new laundry is a poxy painted red brick, not the sparkling white rendered brick I had planned. We just didn't have time to do it before we moved. Laundries being low on the priority list, because one doesn't actually live in the laundry. The washing machine has sprung a new leak, or has become more obvious because of the slope of the floor. And we tend to forget to take the plug out of the sink, resulting in big floods. But that would be because the new sink is stainless steel and useful, as opposed to the concrete sink at the old house which was really just a mould farm.


What got me back here though was chancing upon this laundromat on the way home the other night. I just love it. In a I'm glad I have a washing machine at home kind of way. Still sometimes I think it would be nice to have to sit somewhere for a while while your washing washed. Read a book. Watch the world go by. A fantasy really, because I'm sure in reality it would be a drag. Except when you're camping. Then it's good.

Anyway. There's a basket of washing that's been sitting on the washing machine for two days waiting to be folded and put away. And it's all mine. How lazy is that?