I found this gem in the Sunday Life section of The Age a couple of weeks ago.

"Choreplay" is a term born after research found that having a partner do the laundry, unload the dishwasher or vacuum the living room doesn't just put women in the mood (for sex I assume), it also reduces stress and improves their general health. 

You don't say? And there's that phrase again down at the end, domestic gods... What is the world coming to?


In other news, there's been an increased level of washing and other housework here the last few days. The house had reached a level of filth neither of us could abide, and we have guests arriving to sleep on the foldout and on the floor. Musty bedlinen has been washed and aired and last night as I sat at my computer and listened to the thunder and rain, I thought, oh well there's washing on the line but, yeah it's raining. Rain is good. Sheets wet, can't be faffed, will deal with it tommorrow. Imagine my delight when I saw that G had thought (and acted), with no prompting from me, to bring the washing in. How cool is that?