not its boring twin

Hmm. I'm standing at the tram stop waiting for the Sydney road tram. It's such a beautiful balmy summer evening and it almost seems a pity to actually get on the tram and as I'm thinking that thought, I see the picture of the "nerdy guy" holding the iron. I rummage around in my bag and quickly snap a couple of shots before getting on the tram... hoping that is indeed the right one because I was too busy to check...

I guess as the slogan is "Cornetto, No boring bits" that the "nerdy guy" who must be boring in his boring high pants pressed jeans and t-shirt symbolises the choice we make between "boring" and "not boring". Cornetto man is larger than life, smiling and happy and "not boring". Even though it is the same man. Although really there is no choice, in this life you can iron and have ice cream, possibly not right at the same time. Silly. Silly.

OK, (added later because I lay awake last night thinking about the stupidity of this ad), these guys are like twins. The TV ad goes like this "what if there was someone out there that was looked just like you, but they took care of all the boring bits? So you got to enjoy more good bits ... pick Streets Cornetto - life's better with no boring bits."  So nerd guy does all the boring bits like housework, washing and ironing while the cool dude plays his guitar and watches telly and eats ice cream. With no boring bits. Nerd guy also queues to get a cornetto for cool dude. 

I wonder how this ad would play out if the character was a woman? All these boring tasks being typical women's work in many families. Although it is interesting to me that these tasks are presented more as nerdy self care and the young man escapes them by having a clone to "take care of all the boring bits". As opposed to having a mother, girlfriend or wife do it. I guess we could call that progress.