This is the picture that started it

I was out in the backyard last week playing around with the old digital camera that my Dad gave me & I took this.

This is a big part of my life at the moment, doing the washing & battling the elements. The other day I calculated that I do a average of 8 loads of washing a week, no wonder I'm a little obsessed. Of course, one of the reasons I wash so much is that our daughter Grace is still in nappies. And we are using cloth. I don't hate doing the washing, but I don't totally love it either. I do like seeing a clothesline full of neatly hung out washing, and I like the smell & texture of sun warmed clothes. Alas, it's winter here & the wash has to be bought in before the damp falls, to be aired & hug about the house & maybe finished in our ancient & not very efficient dryer. Then the next morning, I fold & put away.

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