Almost a slacker day

I thought I was going to get away without doing a wash today. Then at about eleven, as I was getting dressed after spending too much of the morning reading in front of the heater, while Grace napped, I did a calculation. Tommorrow I have to do the nappies, then if I do clothes I'll have two lots of folding on sleep-in-Saturday. Aargh. I did a full load of clothes & because they went out late, they weren't all that dry when they came in so there was much laundry sorting & hanging & airing this afternoon.

I found this the other day in a book called My First Picture Dictionary published by Brown Watson in 1975. The illustrator is Albin Stanescu & there's something about the everdayness of the objects chosen that I really like. I love how the girl is sprinkling washing powder, like fairy dust into the machine which washes, rinses and spins clothes dry.

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