Fear of scraping

One of the things that seems to horrify people about using cloth nappies is that you have to scrape the baby poo into the toilet. This has come up again & again in conversations with mothers who use only disposables. When I say that you're meant to do that with soiled disposables as well, I get a blank look in reply.  It says on the side of the packet of Huggies we have at home "Excess soiling should be removed and flushed down the toilet." Interestingly this is not mentioned on the environmental part of the website.

But nobody does it. It all gets bagged up & put in the rubbish bin to sit in landfill for ever & ever. Disgusting isn't it. Much more disgusting than having a system for disopsing of the poo properly. This is how we do it. There is a plastic bucket by the change table. Everything with poo on it goes into this bucket during changing. Wet nappies & covers go into a separate bucket. After the changing process is complete, you take the bucket to the laundry. Anything that doesn't need to be scraped goes straight in the soaking bucket, the covers go into their own bleach free bucket of water. The rest goes to the toilet. Holding the nappy with one hand & the toilet brush with the other, the poo is brushed into the toilet. Flush, rinsing nappy & brush. The brush goes back into its container of nappy soaker. You take the bucket back into the laundry & tip the nappy into the soaking bucket. The change room bucket gets a rinse & then some nappy soaker & water swished around. It is then emptied into the soaking bucket. The change table bucket is put back in place for the next change.

Then you wash your hands. It's quick, easy and nothing to be afraid of. Whatever type of nappy you use, you still have to deal with poo. Nothing that won't wash off with soap & water.

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