I fold a lot of washing. Every morning, before breakfast, I fold the washing from the day before & ferry it to its' cupboard, wardrobe, drawer or shelf. I'm afraid to let it build up. I used to let it build up in the hope that someone else (G maybe?) would do it. The laundry stayed in unsorted piles & I could never find what I needed while changing our wriggling infant. It became known as the laundry monster. So now I'm on it. To the point of obsession.

I asked G to fold laundry yesterday & he refused. He said he can't or words to that effect. When I go back to work that will not be good enough. Or we will have to start using disposable nappies all the time instead of just overnight or when out. Sometimes I go out just so I can cut down on using cloth nappies & the washing & folding thereof. It used to be my guilty secret. Now I've shared it with the 2 people who read Mrs Washalot.

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  1. I love your Mrs. Washalot blog!
    I hate washing and folding with a passion. I do an average of 2-3 loads of washing a day (there's five of us...) and I fold most evenings - usually in front of the tv. It dominates my life.
    I have to admit I don't do cloth nappies (too overwhelming with two in nappies) and I've given up hanging laundry outside during the winter months - I simply don't have the time to get all the washing hung out and then brought in and then re-hung inside to air.... (and the folded).
    I've nicknamed myself "the laundress" - but washerwoman is a much more apt title.