Ugly is as ugly does


When I think of laundry beauty, I  think of billowing clean washing on the line or of neatly folded piles of colorful clean clothes. I don't look for beauty in the laundry room itself. Our laundry room is not beautiful. It is small and cramped. Lots of things not to do with laundry live there too. Like camping gear, excess craft supplies, Gs stash of beer bottles, cleaning tools and products, the vacuum cleaner etc. The laundry, like the shed is a tardis. The washing machine itself is neither ugly, nor beautiful. It has a job to do. We bought it secondhand when the old one stopped agitating. I wish I'd thought to see whether it had a lint filter. It doesn't.

We probably didn't save all that much buying secondhand. Maybe we should have bought a shining new one. With a lint filter. I keep meaning to ring the washing machine place and see whether we could get a lint filter. They probably have a pile of discarded lint filters lying about somewhere. It's that sort of place.

The shelf used for laundry and cleaning products came from Gs old house. The paint is bubbling and it's around the wrong way for some reason. As you can see, I am a fan of the heavy duty laundry product. I did make hippy, lavender scented laundry sludge for a while back in the early nineties but after a while my clothes just didn't look clean.  If I am going to bother washing them, I want them to not only be clean but to look clean.

Then there is the dryer. I actually think the dryer has a quaint retro charm. Pity that it is not very effective at drying clothes. It really only works if the clothes are almost dry. As I've said before, this probably defeats the purpose somewhat.

The laundry is not as bad as it used to be. When I first moved in here, way back when it was a share house, the laundry was jam packed with years of rubbish. The rubbish has long gone. G has fixed the shelving and other storage issues. In the last flurry of activity we painted it with several coats of white paint. It gets organised and cleaned fairly regularly and functions quite well despite it's limitations and the demands placed on it. But lately I've been thinking about my ideal laundry. Which would not have concrete troughs that grow slime and have to be scrubbed out with bleach. That would be just big enough to fit all its' functions comfortably. That would have fantastic storage. Maybe some color. Could it be beautiful?

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