Too much washing, not enough line

Now that I'm back at work two days a week, that means two days less out of five to complete the washing so we don't have to do it on the weekend. This is my aim, weekends that are more or less free of housework, including laundry.  I think it's a very worthy aim and if I can establish it as habit, it will stand me in good stead when I have to work more days.

Anyway the big flaw in all of this is that I am limited by line space, especially if the weather is crappy. Yesterday I had a lineful that was close to dry. I had packed myself and Grace into the car for a trip to the supermarket. Big spots of rain began to fall. I debated, do I get us out of the car, unlock the house so I can get to the washing and bring it in. Doing so would probably mean that Grace would escape into the backyard and need another pair of trousers on and a nappy change and nap time would roll around and there is nothing in the fridge for dinner or lunch tomorrow. No, it will blow over, I thought.

I was wrong. We had big rain, so I ended up leaving the washing on the line overnight and this morning I had another two loads to do and the previous days washing still wasn't really dry enough to put in the dryer of despair. So I ended up doing a big old shuffle and discovered that I could increase my hanging space by hanging t-shirts on coat hangers on the spokes of the Hills Hoist. I am passionately fond of my Hills Hoist.
So there it is, jam packed. You can sort of see Mum and Grace among the washing. We were talking about various family issues, some good and some not so good. I vented a little. Mum listened and helped me straighten out washing on the line and bring in anything almost dry before our trip to the nursery to buy fruit trees. Mum is much more pedantic about how things hang on the line than I am. Sometimes when she repegs my washing. It's a little irritating and quite endearing all at once.

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