Everyone loves a collector

So the peg collection is up and running. Both G and mum have been presenting me with new and fascinating samples of this humble item. I have started looking in $2 shops and the like but have decided after buying a really dodgy set of pegs, to try and only buy whole packets of pegs when we actually need them. The dodgy peg is the big red one below.
It looks very sensible and utilitarian but there's something inherently wrong with the design. The spring pops out after about the third time it's handled and everything comes apart. I was thinking about how much I dislike these pegs as I hung out the nappies this morning and about how such a waste of effort and resources really annoys me. Even though they are a small thing, they are so useless that they are bound to end up in landfill about 2 weeks after the packet is opened. The corn pegs, on the other hand, look dodgy, but aren't. 


  1. I am in total awe of anyone who writes about washing. I am the sluttiest clothes washer in history. I used to have a gigantic washing machine into which I tossed everything - jeans, nappies, underclothes, shirts - and when it was full I washed it on top speed with Napisan and soap, then hung it on the line. Every now and then - like once or twice a year I'd fish out all the white stuff and bleach it viciously. It seemed to work OK. My only excuse is a fulltime job and three kids.
    At the other extreme, did you know that Lindy Chamberlain used to colour code her washing AND pegs when she hung it on the line? If she got to the bottom of the basket and there was a left over nappy, then everything had to be rearranged so that it went with the rest of the nappies and got the right colour peg. I read that in the Women's Weekly. Excellent.

  2. Yes, but just because I write about it doesn't mean that I am the world's greatest laundress. I think adequate would be the best description of my laundry abilities. I think your method sounds pretty feasible. I separate nappies but only because they put lint on anything else and we don't have a lint filter. But as for separating whites and colors, I don't bother. Not that I really wear white.
    I must start reading the Women's Weekly because that story about Lindy Chamberlain is truly excellent. That's where the photo of Olivia Newton-John came from too. I've know people who are pretty pedantic about how they hang out the washing but not to that extent.

  3. too cool! love the washing stuff. I also have a peg collection ... but there's only two wooden pegs in it. I wanted a wooden peg : just like we always used at *home* (Mum's) so Ken made me one and at the same time, my auntie heard I was wanting one and gave me one of hers. They don't do laundry ... my wooden pegs ... I carry them in my camera bag (because I take my camera everywhere with me).