Up close and personal with the Hills Hoist

The other day  I was standing on a milk crate with my camera, pointing down at the washing basket table, taking photos of some funny objects G had bought out from the shed, as you do. The late afternoon light was going fast and I quickly took some photos of the Hills Hoist, complete with rust and spider web. Industrial decay in our own back yard.

I like how these turned out better than my little compositions of found objects. Maybe I'm just absurdly found of our clothes line, which may not even be a genuine Hills Hoist. I'm not sure I like the fetta bucket peg container. I've been eyeing off a new one in the $2 shop, but I guess it will need to go through the commitee as I think G really, really likes the manky fetta bucket. Me, I'd just leave the pegs on the line. 

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