Advanced family use series

A while ago I was out at Box Hill for work. There are lots of $2 shops there and I found more variations on the clothes peg than I would ever want to buy. I chose these roosters from a series of different shaped pegs. Unlike other $2 shop pegs, these are not at all useless. In fact, as far as pegs go, they are nearly as good as the flash Italian ones. And as they look so nice on the line, they're always at the top of the peg bucket.

Sometimes when I'm hanging out the washing and I use one of the rooster pegs, I think of an old friend who's moved to the country. I haven't seen him for a while. He collects rooster themed objects and would probably enjoy these. He's also very pedantic about hanging out washing, and from memory about leaving the pegs on the line hanging from the large hole so that they can be slid along the line. That memory is so old, like about ten years. Why is stuff about how others hang their washing still in my head?

I also like the packaging. Maybe next time I'm at departmental headquarters, I'll seek some more out. My mum likes them too.

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  1. Well, I'll be darned if these aren't adorable! They put my once-brightly-colored but now-fading "plain" Japanese pegs, er--clothespins, to shame. Will have to check for these in the 100-yen store!