Moody pinks

I have my routine down pat. No matter what the weather, Monday is big nappy wash and the first half of my wash. I like to hang it all out myself so that it is sorted according to my particular pedantries. If G hangs out the nappies, I often find that he has used the side of the line I favour for my t-shirts. I take a weird joy in the random colour combinations of my t-shirts on the line. It's a highpoint of hard housework monday, I tell you.
The weather today has been hot and muggy. Early on, it threatened to rain but something told me that it would still be a good drying day. Sunshine, wind, cloud, heat, spots of rain. Strange light. We've had it all.

This afternoon I was at the feedstore ordering some pea straw and manure and was talking with the owners about the drought, my country cousins and what type of summer it's going to be. He thought it might not be that hot. I'm thinking that it mught be hot and wet. The kind where we have lots of storms right up to January. Lots of weird light and strange energy. So that's my bet and I'm putting it here so that if I'm right (and I'm so prepared to be wrong) that I can say, yes that's what I said back in November.

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