Save sixpence

Look what I found in one of Gerard's rock mags. I'm wondering whether the OMO in the bag hanging from the bed post is an advertisement or some sort of camp accessory. Hmm. It's similar  packaging to this box but from the seventies rather than the fifties.
So I'm also thinking maybe there is some OMO symbolism that I'm just not clued into. Or maybe Elton John just thought it looked cool in the photo. Who knows? Oh and the missing letter from the writing at the top of the image is "p" as in George Harrison tried to help. And the caption to the photo reads, having a nice lie down in 1976, the year he revealed his bisexuality to Rolling Stone: "People burnt my records. But you know what? It was a very small price to pay." 


  1. Yes, I thought it was pretty special too.

  2. I thought it was Billy Idol for a minute.
    (But it is excellent)

  3. I think it's a bag, I've seen similar on Ebay. There's a few groovy tote bags out there designed as 60s/70s washing powder and cereal boxes.
    What a stylin' guy.