Holiday washing

I've heard it said that travelling with young children is the same shit, different scenery. And I guess to some extent that's true. Meals have to be made, the pokey probing fingers have to be removed from the tape deck, baths and naps have to be had, bottoms have to be changed and the washing has to be done. Especially when you ignore the burbling sounds emanting from the bedroom at nap time because you have your head in a novel. An unwise move. The child had removed her nappy, thrown it on the floor and painted the contents on the portacot. Just charming. 
Just as well that the house you're staying in has a well stocked cleaning cupboard with proper disinfectant and a real laundry. And two washing lines. The charming line between the ti-trees I used as the back up line and for bathers and towels drying from the beach. The less charming, but utterly practical foldout line near the laundry door was well used every couple of days for normal washing and after the nappy incident. But I have to say that the scenery made all the difference.

Really. It did. 

The only thing I don't get is how after doing the washing regularly while we were away, I still had three gianormous loads on returning home. And that was without the nappies. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed using disoposables while we were away. No scraping. Way less folding. And less washing overall (because they don't leak so readily). I have to say, there's part of me that's really tempted.


  1. How old is Grace ?
    We finalised toilet-training while away
    ( Well, mate - only big toilies here ! ) and i'd recommend it.
    Like you need an excuse for another break, right ? ;)

  2. Grace is nearly two and I keep thinking she might be on the verge of toilet training. I can't wait. 'nother couple of months I think.

  3. oh no, the pooy nappy off in the cot thing. Its really really bad, isn't it?!! I havent had it happen yet with boy 2.. yet.
    It is pretty nice scenery.