If I had my time again

I think I'd use disposable nappies. Really. I love the sight of nappies drying on the line and I love the idea of cloth nappies. Sometimes in the right light, and with everything else done, I even enjoyed folding them into neat piles. Taking a perverse pleasure in how quick I had become at the origami like fold we decided to use. I never really liked the nappy covers we used. They tore at the spash of nappy soak and Target kept running out of them. Which was always really annoying if I'd gone to Highpoint or another big shopping centre. And the extra washing. And drying. Not just of the nappies but of the trousers that were wet or worse.

No, if there were a next time (not that I think there will be) I'd want to be using disposables and figuring out a good way of disposing them. Like one of those special collections (does that still operate?). Or even composting the wet ones. Whatever.

I also thought that cotton would be nicer on a babies bottom, but as my sister Betty and I were discussing on the phone tonight, it isn't. It's all damp and humid. No wonder Grace kicks and screams if I even try to put her in a clothie these days. I've given up, life is too short to argue with a two year old about nappy choice. And really I see her point. If I had to wear a nappy, I'd want the one with the ease of movement and the dry lining.

Image from an old copy of The Bounty Baby Book, circa 1985. Frightening to think that this is when I could have been having babies (I'd have been 22) and that under the table of contents there is the following statement... simply to avoid the clumsy repition of he/she all through this book, we have referred to babies as 'he', nurses 'she' and doctors as 'he'. Indeed.


  1. It was the sultanas in the washing machine that got me down.

  2. I never put a cloth nappy on my kids that didn't cause a rash - they had sensitive skin and it just turned there little bots red! There are heaps if environmentally friendly choices in disposable nappies on the net. There is one in WA - I think it might be called the nappy tree or something like that. I agree - if I lost my mind and had to nappy up again I would go down the enviro nappy route - not cloth - too hard...

  3. I stand firmly in the middle of the road and use everything as it suits or is to hand. But never cloth at night.
    Andy you're right, it's not like we rush to use environmentally friendly rags for menstruating.

  4. I use cloth nappies and menstrual pads...not hard for me. I use modern cloth nappies made from bamboo or hemp, stay dry polar fleece liners, and a dry pail. Cloth nappying has changed in the last decade, just research on the net.

  5. thanks Alicia, I use cloth menstrual pads too, haven't found them a big deal, and am trying to get people to buy me modern cloth nappies for baby shower gifts - 'you're mad,' they say, presenting me with another packet of Hugg1es.
    Still once I've had the babies I may repent of my ways, only then be too proud to back down...