And then while I'm away, I'll write home ev'ry day

A while ago, this picture of a young Paul McCartney, playing his guitar under a line of washing, appeared in the Sunday Life section of The Age newspaper. If it hadn't been for the heads up from Suse, I would have missed it. Thanks Suse!  G had scrap booked it, but at the time he didn't think to ask whether I'd seen it. Which he normally would, I think. Anyway, it's a beautiful image and a perfect example of the celebrity laundry genre, which is a favourite of mine.


The image is from Chaos and Creation on the Backyard, which I've not heard or seen because I so don't keep up with music anymore, I just listen to what's on and complain loudly if I don't like it. Like if it's jangly when I'm in the mood for smooth, or bland when I'm in the mood for loud. Luckily I live with someone who is happy to be Mr Deejay most of the time, even if he does mock me for playing the same tapes over and over in the car. Are you still listening to that Beth Orton? he says.

I wonder if this shot is staged. It was taken in the early 60s, maybe before they became mega famous but definitely after they'd been playing for a while. After Hamburg? I don't know, but I read somewhere on the 'net that Paul and Linda McCartney tried to give their children an ordinary upbringing, which included him insisting that she did the family's laundry, so the house would smell of ironing. Which reminded him of his childhood. I can't imagine he would have had time, what with being a rockstar and all.


  1. The article did say that he had to get his brother to tell him where the shot was taken. (It was in the backyard of his dad's house, I think?) and that he was age 20.
    I read your post too fast and thought it said 'celebrity laundry gene'. Which is pretty good I think. It sounds like he does have the gene.

  2. GREAT photo - so funny. "Celebrity laundry' - I'll notice now if I see, although it must be pretty rare.
    p.s. My grandparents used to have a cat who was a snowdropper (is that the right word?) , he stole others people's washing and brought it home, or that's what my grandpa told me anyway.