perfect spring drying weather

It's been beautiful outside today. There's a full line of washing flapping gently in the breeze, fragrant blossom petals drifting in the air. I've been on holiday this week and it's been a beautiful things to see. We seemed to have moved on from winter. Haven't had to dry washing in front of the heater everyday for ages. Or maybe I'm romanticising it all, because mostly I've been coming home and seeing that it's been done. Even the folding and putting away. I shut my eyes when it's a bit messy around the edges, because I'm like that too. Still it's been a pleasure hanging washing out this week, what with spring arriving and all.


Not that you can quite see the spring thing happening in this picture because I took it before the blossom came out. I like that it seems to symbolise the distance I have sometimes to this part of domestic life now that I'm back at work more and G is holding the fort at home. Even though I still seem to do a fair bit of folding when I'm around and sometimes when we're both here it's a case of oh, I thought you were doing that and there's a lapse into a gentle befuddled anarchy. Most of the time though, someone else is maintaining the order.

Right. Off to bake a cake and take some pictures of the blossom on the washing.

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  1. Beautiful photo. (I know, I know I say it all the time with your photos, but it's true.) The washing is drying so quick now, I took the washing off the line before ABC Kids time today (3pm), it was all dry and I'm happy about that.