new washing machine

Well. We did go out and buy a new washing machine. And quite lovely it is too. The washing seems to slosh around gently. The spin sounds like a well mannered jet rather than a clunky old car on a dirt road. I have been using it quite alot. Especially since I've been on holidays. And the only moment I've had that was a little snarky was when I was hanging washing out one night while G was away and I was thinking, he's in Queensland and here I am in the bloody freezing cold doing everything, including hanging washing out the night before because I have to get Grace to childcare by 7.45am so I won't be late for my shrink appointment. And we've run out of clean clothes. Then I  looked up at the frostily beautiful night sky, went inside, got warm and got over it.

New washing machine and laundry chaos

There are lots of things to like about the new washing machine. It lights up. It doesn't shred my clothes. It has an approved wool cycle and a handwash cycle, so I may never ever have to get my hands wet ever again. It's really easy to pull the wet washing out into a basket on the floor. The only thing I'm not loving the unrenovated laundry, but I have visions for the future. And most days it does look more ordered than this.

As might be able to see in the above photo, I also learned that it is important not to add too much detergent or washing determent as Grace calls it. She loves the new washing machine too and is always keen to add the determent and push the button. Or all of the buttons. And climb into the machine. Sigh. But we do love the machine.


  1. A new washing machine is a lovely thing. I have always been a little scared of front loaders ever since, 15 years ago, I watched my dark blue work socks turn my khaki work shirt to a dirty shade of purpley brown and couldn't do a thing about it.
    I have been told to get over it but it was a traumatic experience at the time. :)

  2. washing determent...heh, that's funny

  3. OOH Congrats on the new washer! It makes life SO much better. I wandered over here from Pea Soup, and have loved finding other people whine about laundry (I AM NOT ALONE!) But having a good washer makes everything better! I enjoy reading about life on the other side of the world--mostly the same, but some fun things are different.