queensland washing

Last month we were in Queensland for just over a week and it was hot and sticky. Rainy too. Rather like here at the moment, I guess.  Not that I'm complaining. Although it does seem odd to be lugging out the clothes horse at this time of year. Especially after that last hot dry spell before it turned all tropical.

queensland washing

This morning I snatched my clothes in just as the sky started to darken and sure enough, within 20 minutes it was pissing down. Again. Often though, I'm inclined to leave the washing on the line to get wet in summer. Feeling sure that it will dry and someone will be home at that point to bring it in. Wouldn't it be lovely if this summer wasn't like that? Like if we had a really wet, thundery summer. Then we'd all have to come up with undercover drying areas like they have in Queensland over summer. Well, wouldn't that be exciting!

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  1. After washing your cloth hang it in sun light. It is good decision. Thanks