oh the folding, it is endless

If I do a load of washing on Sunday, like say for example I decide that all the bedding is totally feral, strip the beds and change the sheets and get it on the line, Mr Helpalot will bring it in. However it will likely sit in the basket on top of the washing machine for days. And on Wednesday night, he'll say something like "oh, I didn't get around to folding the sheets." And it's not as if he's been slacking off, he's been extending the shed, doing the school run, all the dishes and well, generally keeping the home fires burning. And it's not as if I couldn't spare the ten minutes or so it would take sometime between coming home from work and going to bed. But I choose not to. And so does he.
sheets not folding themselves
So anyway, I say, "don't worry about it , Ill do it tomorrow." But I don't. Then at some point, and I forget why, we have an argument about it. Which is really stupid. Later I fold the sheets and put them away and it takes hardly any time at all and the the washing basket is empty for the next load to go out and be bought in to be folded and put away. For some reason, I've been on top of it this weekend. There's only the load I put through after getting back from the pool still out there. Everything else has been folded, hung up and put away. I have even done my ironing. Yes, I feel virtuous. A little smug even. But it won't last.

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