twilight sensations and neopolitan dreams

I almost ever watch commercial TV anymore and when I do, the ads are a revelation. This one from Surf has a woman hanging out her washing on a beautiful spring day. She is wearing a vintage dress, has a charming old style washing line (although give me a hills hoist any day) and follows a cat through the shadows of the sheet into an dreamy landscape full of exotic scents before falling back into reality, laughing with joy. Yes, I know clean sheets are a pleasure, but oh puhlease.

While I'm on the subject of Surf and youtube, I also found this one featuring Lisa Mitchell of Coin Laundry fame. Gorgeous laundry for less. Or how to con a whole new generation of women into the utter delight of housework. Not that I mind pretty, or a well kept house, but there is something about these ads.... all this dressing up of a job that involves soaking stinky underpants and grotty sheets...   

Very Princess and the Pea. I'm too grumpy (or ho hum at best) to be a good pitch for these. Still, I liked the clothes peg. I wouldn't have minded getting more of those.

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  1. Just coming back to this - had tagged it to watch video when I was at home.
    Don't you realise? If your laundry doesn't take you to a magical wonderland, then YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY DOING IN WRONG. I mean, really. What more do you want? The right to vote? Don't be ridiculous...
    Seriously though, I'm with you - getting small moments of joy out of a generally tedious task, sure. Magical wonderland... are you kidding me?