hanging on the line

Can I say whatever I want here, because not many people read it? Probably not because I am not totally sure who does read it. I reasonably am sure there is someone reading other than the Chinese spammers telling me what a great blog I have because they checked on google, oh and that I should be happy and make lots of money and click on this link. I wish it were that simple..

There is a big thing going on in my life. It's not about me so although it affects me, I can't really write about it. That will probably change at some point but even then, maybe not that much. It is so sad and difficult but there are little bright points. And I'm kind of busy and kind of not. I can't go to bed and then I want to sleep in because bed in the morning is so warm and non confronting. Staring out the window is pretty appealing too. Everyday life seems to be taking a bit of a back seat. And I feel a bit like our green fellow in his pyjamas. Hanging. Stuck. But actually, I do have more agency than that.

And there was this thing going on between parents at my daughter's school. It is so ugly and nasty that I wish I hadn't weighed in but I did. Not badly I don't think but it sparked another wave of nasty emails. And then at a kid's birthday party one of the parents tried to talk to me about it and kept going even after I asked her to stop. I told her that we were thinking of other schools, which we have been for a multitude of reasons, and she said in quite a patronising way that maybe that was a decision we had to make.

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