No washing today

I didn't do a load of washing today as it is Saturday, sleep-in day. It's also the day that Gerard washes his workerbee clothing (his words - clown suit). G clings to doing his own washing, eventhough it would probably be more efficient if all our washing was done at once. A remanant of batchelor independence?  However, I iron his shirts. For ages I didn't iron anything & just wore clothes that you could get away without ironing. I even gave away my iron. Then several years later, when I started working in air conditioned offices again, the most comfortable work wear was a cotton shirt. And I started sewing again. I bought a fabulous new iron with a non stick sole plate. Now I don't mind ironing. And I wouldn't want G go to work in an unironed shirt. It's not a good look, for him or for me.

So no washing, just folding. Nappies & other stuff airing from yesterday.

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