One fine day

Bitter morning cold gave way to glorious winter sunshine, perfect for washing blankets. Grace is covered in small insect bites, so all her bedding has been changed, her room thouroughly cleaned & under her cot & round the windows sprayed with bugkiller. Not very organic, I know. The bites stopped for a couple of days so I thought my strategy had worked. This meant that her blankets were changed & waiting for a fine day to wash & dry. After a load of nappies, I decided there was enough room on the line & sunshine for Grace's & the loungeroom blankets. Here they are, that's my mum in the background, just before she gave me a hand to bring the washing in.

I wash blankets, even the hand crochet afgan rug Mum made for Grace, in the machine. With a short delicate cycle, warm water & wool wash. I think that big blankets stretch less if you don't handle them when they are sopping wet & heavy.   The red mohair picnic rug came out very fluffy, perfect for snuggling under while watching some TV. 

Even Ms Mippy, Grace's bedtime companion went through the machine today.

As it turned out Grace had more little bites tonight, so it isn't her bed. She bumshuffled around the garden today so maybe she is being bitten by tiny gnats that seem to swarm in patches of sunlight.  I don't know how to prevent that except by banning her from the garden. At least it isn't her bedding.

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