Rainy day blues number six

It has rained all day today. And there was a pile of washing to get through as I was at work on Thursday and Friday. G had cleaned the bathroom and washed the towels like I asked, but hadn't forward planned the washing or anticipated the weather. I think he found it all a bit stressful and was a bit down about it this morning. I have to remind myself that it is a hard ask to look after a temperamental and needy one year old and get through everything and have some time for yourself. I'm quite organised and quick at many household tasks (working in hospitality will do that) and still I struggle.

So I didn't really get a sleep in today. The nappies are hanging in the rain. The wipeys are under the back veranda.  The clothes we will need for the next few days are draped around the house and are being rotated in front of the heater. I've given up on the dryer. I think G agrees with me. It is quite useless except for things that are nearly dry anyway, which defeats the whole purpose. I'm considering buying a new one.

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