Early Spring washing

When I started Mrs Washalot in May with this post, I was taken with the sight of rain sodden flannellette sheet and the drops of water and the cold. Taking photos of your washing in the rain is one thing but doing it over and over is another. I am so glad that the winter days when nothing ever dries on the line are over and we can say good-bye to the daily shuffle until next May. It's still cold in the mornings and it hasn't rained as much as it should have but the laundry is getting easier and easier. Even if we did have a little setback this week. But we needed the rain. Of course we did.
Maybe it's also easier because I am not doing it all. I have seriously calculated the number of loads that need to be done, taking into account line space, using less water and electricity, folding tasks and a myriad of other really boring details. The plan is scribbled on a piece of green paper which is stuck on the fridge and I have explained to G what gets done and why. Sticking to a strict plan seems to work on so many levels, even when it rains and I get quite annoyed when G does a load out of routine (I guess there could be circumstances). But it throws out the balance. Anyway on the whole the new system is working and I am doing less of it. Even folding. 

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