Yah-Boo was a very rude goblin from Tick-Tock village who was given a large sum of money by his old aunt Trippy. One day he went down Smith Street to do some shopping. He wanted to buy a fabulous suit with his new fortune. However, a wizard caught him shouting at a beggar. So the wizard, who was very powerful, directed the wind to whisper in Yah-Boo's ears all the mean and nasty things that he had done and said in the last few months. But sometimes the wind shouted. When Yah-Boo was out in his garden, getting his laundry in, when the wind accused him of stealing a table cloth from Old Mother Tiptap next door. You can see the altercation in progress below.
from The Fifth Holiday Book by Enid Blyton
Old Mother Tiptap demanded her table cloth back. It got nasty, and Yah-Boo had to go back inside, even before he could get all his washing off the line. The wind blew and came into his house down the chimney and kept telling him nasty things about himself. Yah-Boo just couldn't take it anymore and went to stay with aunt Trippy. The wind followed him. After hearing all the things the wind accused Yah-Boo of doing she put him in the rubbish bin. Apparently he may still be there and the washing is still on the line.

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