Lightest! Fastest! More efficient!

I think the first iron I ever owned was one of these. It nearly put me off ironing forever. This ad is from the back of a dressmaking supplement to The Australian Women's Weekly, probably from the late 1950's. The supplement is chock-a-block with full skirted cotton dresses. I can just smell all that ironing.

Also on offer "Get your copy of this helpful laundry and ironing BOOK FREE and learn the secrets of professional ironing and pressing!" The ad promises, "It's a sensational offer! Only Sunbeam has largest stainless steel tank. Scientifically positioned steam vents and channels in the larger ironing surface give an all-over cushion of rolling steam. Super-accurate heat and iron steam control ensures perfect ironing results. " The iron is beautiful in that retro way, but I think I'll keep my modern one. I wish it was as decorative as this one.

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