Looking at clothes pegs

The other day I chanced upon this post about clothes pegs over at whipup. I followed the links and arrived at a post about clothes peg iconography. The pictures are intriguing, who knew there were so many different types of clothes pegs in the world. I keep having to go back and look again. My favourite is the somewhat worn red peg, "perhaps our strangest peg - we have no idea why it is designed the way it is."   Now I see different clothes pegs everywhere. On our line I counted five different types.
I see new ones everywhere now; at my sisters, at mother's group, at the supermarket. I'm probably going to start yet another collection. G said I could have his bamboo peg, if I do. Just what I need, another collection, but I think I will. At least pegs are small.

Below is one of the new pegs I bought last week. Our current pegs are crappy and I've decided to seek a longer lasting peg. These are Italian and look the business. Only blue and white in a pack, not as colourful as the neon ones I've favoured recently. G thinks they're an abomination, being a bit "North Melbourne." Football themed clothes pegs, now there's a niche for the AFL. Maybe on my travels I'll find some old dark navy blue pegs.

Right at the end of my peg exploration this afternoon, I realised how different this yellow one is. We have only one of these. I think the spring is quite elegant.


  1. I just got a new plastic peg inside a box of Surf - I never usually buy Surf, in fact my partner did, in an emergency. They're giving free pegs that make up a family - they have little faces. Quite cute, if you like pegs 9which I do too.)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I went and checked out the Surf today, very sweet pegs...

  3. Loved your peg photos. I too, saw the peg iconography website and wrote to Yaacov. I want to donate some pegs to his collection. The Syndey Powerhouse museum has a peg collection and you can view vintage pegs on its website. I am in Birds of a Feather collectors club in Adelaide and am thinking of collecting pegs.
    Regards, ria.