On my walk

I know that most standard leases have a clause that tenants are not permitted to hang washing other than on lines provided for that purpose. That would really stink if you didn't have easy access to an outdoor clothes line or if the clothes line provided was insufficent or inconvenient. Or if this prohibition was actually enforced. So it gave me great pleasure to see this while out walking Grace in the stroller.
I felt quite shy snapping this. It is very odd taking a picture of your own washing, let alone some you pass in the street. As we passed the unit, there was more washing hanging on the clothesline provided, which was in the shade. And a man and his son fixing a pushbike in the sun.

On the way home, I saw much washing hanging from the balconies of the flats that dot the area. I think there's something very nice and homey about washing hanging out to dry on sunny sunday afternoon.

Project laundry list has lots of scary information about the banning of outdoor clotheslines from many communities in the US. Makes me think quite differently about the sight of laundry in the front yard or up high.

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