Spring is near

We've had some really nice weather lately. Sunshine, a little breeze, longer days. I've noticed that doing the washing is becoming a little less stressful. It is more close to dry when I bring it in. Less time shuffling through the dryer of despair or hanging it in doorways to air. I realised today that I haven't used the playpen sides as a drying rack for a couple of weeks. Roll on summer!
Maybe I'm also getting it bit more used to our new washing routine. Perhaps G is also getting used to it too. He has assumed Fridays washing responsibilities while I am at work and he is at home with Grace. It's a full line of washing with a load of nappies and a load of clothes. He did comment the first week, that hanging up all Grace's clothes was time consuming and fiddly, because they are little and there's so many of them. I remember feeling that too, in the early days but now I'm used to it and quick at it.  No complaints this week. I think he also likes the no big-housework-on-weekends theory, which seems to provide motivation to get through the weeks tasks.

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