Mr Helpalot

The other day at a family lunch, the subject of Mrs Washalot came up in conversation. I have been chided for presenting a one sided portrait of domestic labour in our household. So I'd like to introduce you to Mr Helpalot.

Mr Helpalot is very good at all of the following laundry tasks: putting the washing on, hanging it up, bringing it in, changing nappies, doing scrapings (Mrs Washalot might be quite good at avoiding that one where she can). Mrs Washalot is the queen of: folding, putting away, advanced stain removal, the washing of delicates, extracurricular washing like blankets and the like. She has decided that she doesn't mind doing the nappy folding and any ironing because Mr Helpalot has a recently fed and freshly bathed child ready to greet mummy when she returns from her long day at work followed by the gym (which he encourages), and he makes dinner while they play together. This has been especially nice when her two days have involved a rather long temporary commute (no gym on those days... argh).

Mr Helpalot is also very good at sundry other domestic tasks, including but not limited to: washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, mowing the grass, taking the rubbish out, vacuuming and mopping (while the ladies go grocery shopping togther, oh the fun never stops around here I tell you), feeding the cat(s), cleaning out the fridge and microwave and disposing of half chewed rodents. You would think that this would mean that Mrs Washalot had endless time to read trashy novels, play in her garden, sew clever crafty items, hang out with the child and write her blogs. If only. But living is work. On this they agree. Mrs Washalot thinks she is very lucky to share her life and all the work it involves with Mr Helpalot.

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