Peg dude

Following a tip off from Susoz last month, I bought an unfamiliar washing powder, just for the peg inside. Opening the box, my nostrils were hit with a chemical grit as I felt around for the submerged prize inside. Like looking for a cereal toy, only sharper on the senses.

I'm so bad at dissolving washing powder or remembering that it has to go in the washing machine before the clothes, that I've been using liquid for a very long time. A liquid that doesn't smell like much. We've been using the powder now for several washes and it has a certain smell. It catches me unawares as I fold the nappies or put on a clean t-shirt. Not a bad smell, kind of like chemical sunshine or something. I'm guessing by the package that sunshine is what the manufacturers intended.
It also looks as though they are trying to make laundry look fun or even cool, dude. There are tips for those new to the world of washing their own clothes and asides or jokes to those who aren't. All very jolly. Not my demographic at all. Although I might buy this brand again if the peg people were an ongoing deal. I visited the website on the top of the box but am obviously too late for the peg people games.
Is it just me, or does peg dude look a little rude sitting on the line, hands on hips with a big smile?


  1. Fantastic photo! And he does look a bit rude.

  2. We've got a whole family of peg dudes - I find that they provide around 1 minute's entertainment for Oscar when he's in the bath!

  3. I just sputtered all over my keyboard when I saw Peg Dude, before I even read your comment.