Secret life of a towel

Once upon a time there was a towel, let's call him Terry, who was tired of being washed and hung on the line to dry. "Soap made him sneeze, hot water made him limp, the spin dryer made him dizzy and the pegs pinched him." So he ran away.
He made friends with the wind, who generally showed him a good time. He met farm animals and frightened children in the woods into thinking he was a ghost, chasing them all the way home. It all went bad when he told off by an owl and savaged by the children's dog. Then he was discovered all covered in dirt and somewhat worse for wear by the children's' mother, who of course put him through the wash again. Bad naughty towel. Back on the line he decided he had a fabulous time but, "that being soft, and clean, and fluffy, wasn't so bad after all.... then he was folded and put away in a warm cupboard - a cleaner, wiser towel."
From Anytime Storytime Tales, illustrations by Eric Kincaid. Brimax Books UK 1979. Another gem from the opshop, especially the black and white drawings. There is no mention of who wrote the text.

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