Folding, the summer sessions

Down to the last folded nappy, child sleeping through her afternoon nap.  A rare treat. Sucked into watching Seven Samurai on DVD. Hot. Lazy. The afternoon sun glinting on the tinsel. Must take the Christmas tree down. Not today. What day is it anyway? I get the basket of nappies. G has folded and put away all the covers and wipeys. I get into it. Origami fold, quick as. Lots of neat piles.
Child awakes and prances around the house wearing beads she found on my dressing sideboard and an old pair of sunglasses on her head. She passes me more and more nappies to fold. I try to keep up. We get through it. Folding done, put away. More relaxing to follow.

Happy New Year, washers and folders. See you in 2007...

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