Chair of mank, not

I really don't know whether this could be counted as laundry, but today we hauled the chair of mankiness out of the loungeroom and into the backyard. It was hot and dry and the mankiness of this favourite telly watching chair was becoming an embarrassment. So much so that I really didn't like it if visitors sat on it. This chair was passed on from my mum, who got it from her mum after she died. It replaced the red vinyl chair and the bryan chair, a lovely green jason recliner that G hated. I miss the red chair and the bryan chair, but oh well. At least this one has a nice high back.
This chair was grotty when I got it and saw lots of action as breastfeeding central in 2005. Not to mention telly viewing and general lazing. Anyway after attacking it with several applications of Sard wonder spray, a scrubbing brush and detergent, all the mank is pretty much gone. The suds were sprayed off with the hose, which is probably illegal now, but I was very very brief. It dried quickly in the sun and has now been returned to it's rightful position. I think I need a new name, for it is no longer the chair of mank. And yes, I think it does count as laundry related.

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  1. I did some illegal hosing myself today (very brief but very necessary) and think the garden hose and any associated backyard airing is definitely within the 'laundry' category.
    I really should check your main blog but, just for the moment, I'm too busy revelling in your clothesline. Are we a subset of society, us laundry appreciators?
    - here via Suse's beautiful clothesline over at peasoupoftheday.