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Some time ago, Alina sent me a link to this site. I'm surpised that I haven't been there before as I've researched the Hills Hoist a number of times. Maybe it's newish or this little gem has been tucked away in some little corner that I've missed. It's very odd. People write in with their Hills Hoist stories. Mostly about swinging from them. Although there is also a drinking game, spin the goon. But best of all is the laundry personality test. I kid you not. Mindless and trivial amusement for a hot night spent on-line, looking at what's on the line. Ha, ha. Geddit?  Anyway, the game involves matching a person, a pair of undies (including a thong) and some pegs. A clunky animated photo character with a big head then hangs the chosen undies on the Hills and you can then see what your choice reveals about you. It's so much sillier than you could possibly imagine. And someone goes to work and gets paid to devise all this! Although I imagine they would have other responsibilities as well.

Alina also made the comment that she sees laundry images everywhere. So do I. I feel surrounded by them. I could have something new to post everyday for a year. (Now that would be a challenge, but I don't think I will....) That said, I still love it when someone sends me or gives me something. My peg collection is growing steadily too. It's nice to have other people playing along.

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  1. Heh heh - we've also got a story that has turned out to be of questionable truth, about some friends who were usually very conservative, but their kids rang up one night worried about why their parents were swinging on the clothesline - just another Northern NSW humid night going to their head? Or too much funny chocolate cake?