Laundry Party

Do you ever feel like you should be introducing bloggers to each other? Every so often I, in my Mrs Washalot mode, do and low key endeavour that she is, I feel she isn't very good at it. Hostessing not being a strong point. Too much laundry to avoid. Or something. And there hasn't been much of a blogroll here either. Mainly because there really aren't that many sites out there that are laundry related. Which was originally how I thought the blogroll should go. Back when I started this I was sure that there would be other loopies on the internet superhighway writing about washing. Really, I did.
Anyway, a comment by Bec, asking "Are we a subset of society, us laundry appreciators?" got me thinking. So, my blogroll is going to be of laundry appreciators and the working title is, "Sisterhood of the Washing Line."  Eek, that sounds a bit new agey for me but it's a start. Basically anyone who comments here or writes about Mrs Washalot on their blog goes up there. Unless of course, they say something hostile, in which case I shall ignore, discuss or mock as the fancy takes me.

I think I've got everyone, but if you're missing and you'd like to be up there, leave me a comment or let me know. Lurkers if you have a blog and want to be on the list, just comment. I'll also come and visit you too, although I have to say I'm a terrible lurker myself and it will probably take me ages to get the foot out of my mouth and say something.
Despite starting a blogroll and all, I still expect Mrs Washalot to be a quiet sort of place. Full of the mundane and even boring, which I kind of like. G once said that one of the things he liked about me was that I am boring. Funny sort of compliment, but I understand. I like that about him too. There's far too much pressure in this world to be interesting, which in itself I find quite tedious. Boring even. Now I'm going in circles...

The other thing that I wanted to say was thank you to the bloggers who have made a reference to Mrs Washalot on their blogs. I don't do (or understand) trackbacks so there's really no way of sharing these without giving you the links; here, here, here, here, here and here. Drop in for a visit, there's some lovely laundry words and the odd picture.

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  1. Thanks! I like thinking of myself as a loopy who sometimes writes about washing !! I intend to visit the other *loopies* and see what they talk about too :o)