I don't mind, I don't mind at all

The dreamy lyrics are from my favourite Reels album, Beautiful which was released on K-tel. I have a copy, not my original one from the eighties but one from the trash and treasure. Indeed I think I might have two. Just in case. I think song is my prefab heart?

Anyway, onto the washing and folding or lack thereof.

insert The pizza is here. Along with the coke, for bourbon and cokes.

Now it's later. After pizza and salad and bourbons and coke and complimentary chocolate mousse. The washing's still on the line. It's been there since Friday morning I think. It keeps getting WET. Although there have been a couple of moments when it's nearly been dry enough to bring in. Which would then lead to airing and folding. Frankly, I have better things to do on a preciously wet summer Saturday. Like gardening, reading and chasing a half naked child through the mud and raindrops. Lovely.

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