Playtime for girls and boys

I picked this book up at the trash and treasure quite a while ago. It has been well loved by the look of it. Inside the boys and girls play and have all sorts of adventures. Camping, swinging on swings, snowball mischief, birthday parties and being visited in bed by fairies through the window.  It's that kind of book.  The girls might be carrying doll babies and washing doll clothes but they row boats, take pictures with a box camera and work in the garden too.

I love the worried look on the face of the doll and the bear, well he's just chillin'. Inspired to post this picture by one in a similar vein (but in better condition) that I just saw over at Boccante Home. Which also has a little line of washing held by the cutest pegs. I think the girl may be washing her own clothes rather than those of her dolls, which is probably why she looks a bit more serious than our girl here. What is it about a drawing of little clothes on a line that sets my heart all a flutter?

Grace just loves imitating everything we do. Sometimes she helps me with the dusting, or helps her dad with some sanding. And she howled with anguish today when dinner time put a stop to watering the garden with her new little watering can. I don't think it will be all that long before she's washing and hanging out her dolls clothes. Something I remember doing when I was a child. Not all that frequently, but it did get done.

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