Towel in the twilight

Mum gave me one of her old beachtowels the other day. It's a lovely thick one with pouches and a zippered pocket at the end. I think it's meant to be a throw over your shoulder sort of beach towel. Which is just as well, as it's far too big and thick to fit into any sort of beach bag. This is also why it's been sitting on the clothes line since Thursday (I think). Not that we've had that much rain, just that I forget about it when it's dry and then it rains again just a little. Then I forget. And so on. The towel never seems to be dry when I'm bringing the other washing in. That we should have this problem... In the middle of a drought. Could I have been right afterall?
The towel doesn't really look like this either, but you would have guessed that, hey. I twiddled with the colour in photoshop elements while we were in the front room waiting for the pizza  and chicken salad (for me, who is thinking about dieting again) to arrive.  I wanted to catch a sense of the colour deepening in the twilight. This seemed more like how that felt, than how it really was. If you know what I mean. Although as G pointed out, all photos distort reality, even if only a little.

I'd like to be right about the rain. 

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