Big nite out

I was in two minds whether to take my camera last night. Thinking, it'll be dark and there won't be anything to take pictures of and anyway we'll be too busy drinking beer and listening to music and being out. So as I stepped out of the pizza/pasta place where we'd had a passable but enjoyable meal served by a gentleman who looked tough enough to bash someone for complaining(although I think he was probably very nice), I turned around and there was a laundry picture. Just waiting.  So as G and Shaun organised who was paying for dinner, I explored the Lygon Laundrette.

I have to admit I quite like laundrettes. In theory, anyway. I wouldn't like having to cart my washing there every week, especially not in the volumes that we do. Although I suppose if we didn't have a washing machine at home there is no way that we'd be using cloth nappies.

Laundromats are great when you've been camping for a week or two and have been rained out and everything is wet and dirty and you can use two washing machnes at once. I also quite like the ambience. In a way. The last time I lived somewhere without a washing machine was in a flat in Carlton sometime in the eighties.  I hated carting my washing up and down the stairs and across the road in my nana shopping jeep. Once I got there though, I think I liked the laundrette well enough. I can't remember if I used to stay there while my clothes were washing or if I felt secure leaving my clothes there unattended. If I stayed, no doubt I would have read novels. Which sounds very relaxing to me now, just watching the washing and reading. Although now I remember, the washing did tend to build up.

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