Instantly dry

It's been hot. It's still hot. This morning I had a play date at a local toddler friendly (ie well fenced) playground. I knew I needed to do a wash but didn't worry about it, having enough on my plate getting out of the house before ten. Too hot.

I put the load on when I returned around lunchtime and as the day melted away, it slipped my mind. When remembered about it, mid afternoon, the washing already had that rank smell of having been in the washing machine too long. It's hot in the laundry and had been festering.

I hung it out anyway and went to take some pictures I'd been thinking about. Not these. These pictures I noticed as I scurried inside to escape the heat. It sure was hot.

Less than half an hour after being hung out, the washing was dryed to a crisp. And smelt of nothing but hot air.

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