the last day of summer, looking back

I forgot about this picture. It was taken a week or so ago, when we were in the backyard, hanging out washing in the afternon, sure it would dry by nightfall. Summer washing thoughts. Or at least G was hanging out the washing and I was lurking round the yard, in the sunlight, with my camera.

I didn't realise at the time that it was the last day of summer; that thought popped into my head yesterday as I found myself re-scheduling the days for doing the washing. And thinking, we really need to get back into the habit of starting the washing machine before breakfast and hanging it out first thing. So it will be dry by night. We've already had that thing where the washing is cold when you bring it in and you think, I really should air this. And then groan, thinking of the months ahead with washing in front of the heater and on coathangers on the rail in the doors, and going through the dryer of despair.

And...  I had to wear shoes today. I dislike wearing shoes and will wear sandals until May if I can. That's not to say that we couldn't have some more warm weather and even some more sandal or good drying weather before winter arrives. I mean it is Melbourne, so anything is possible really. Just that we probably can't count on it anymore. And we have to stop being such slackbutts. 

So here's to the end of summer. May it rain for months and months. Because even though I will whinge about it endlessly, it really would be a good thing if we had a really wet winter. 


  1. Hi,
    Beautiful photo-we are just coming to the end of the inside clothes horse and radiator drying in the uk. But of course being an ex Melburnian the windy summer drying days can never match here-30min drying times quite common then!!
    Photos still making me homesick..
    ps loved your hol photo too although even MORE hmsickness ensued!

    I am so looking forward to looking through your flickr, tomorrow.