Good night John-boy

I have a real thing for Little Golden books and as a consequence have quite a few, from the opshop or the trash and treasure mostly. I found this one at the Coburg market a few Sundays ago and I nearly didn't buy it because although The Waltons was one of my favourite TV shows as a child, this book didn't come anywhere close to my memeory of it. Perhaps because it's in colour and I remember the Waltons in black and white, the show was in colour, but our TV wasn't.
The Waltons and the Birthday Present, by Jane Godfrey, Golden Press 1975

The story in the little golden book concerns a missing kitten. And wouldn't you know it, they have washing on the line. It was the Great Depresssion after all. As it's a Saturday, every one is at home and helps to look for the kitten. It's obviously a work day for Mrs Walton though, what with washing out. I thought Monday was wash day? Maybe, it isn't accurate. Maybe the washing is in the picture for effect. To make it look homey and domestic. Which it does.

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  1. I have that book. I guess with that many children and not many clothes washing happened more than once a week.