Let go and breathe

So, I come back from a lovely weekend away and the washing I took off the line on Thursday night is still on the sunroom table. Under the piles of washing that have come off the line since. I'm supposed to be feeding the child because I haven't really her seen her since Friday lunch time except for at breakfast today and a quick snatched cuddle when I got home. But I can't relax. I'm wearing the tension of an understaffed and busy day at work. I've been snarled at, argued with, buttered up and ignored. So I snap, you know doing the washing is only the first half of the job, I say. And if you don't sort it when it comes off the line, it lies around with wet patches and has to be washed again. You have to keep on top of it, keep moving it through, fold every day. He says, but nobody ever taught me how to do the folding, you're better at it than I am. I say, well, I'm telling you now.

I'm flying, I'm multitasking and I'm mad. I really need to breathe.
You see, he's done well. Grace is happy. The house isn't wrecked. I got to go away relatively guilt free and I had a lovely time. Lots of time to talk and think and crochet on the couch. There was very little domestic activity on my part. Just one meal and one set of dishes. And an empty clothes line, with pegs casting shadows in the pale morning sun. 

But the folding gets me every time. I planned to do it before I went, but the day just ran out of hours. So I left it. Hoping that it would be done and dusted on my return. Maybe next time?


  1. I CANNOT fold washing.
    I have some kind of mental block about it.
    I end up having to do about a months worth, and it takes all night.

  2. I share your frustration. In our house we now fold as we take the washing off the line. It's a wonderful habit to get into although when it's starting to rain or freezing cold it just gets stuffed in the basket to be dealt with ...later.

  3. Maybe next time. But I dont hope for these things because from my experience, any time I leave the home for any length of time that requires overnight absence, (or even absence for the evening tea time & showers rountine come to think of it) the house is in a shambles when i get back. Still worth it though! To get out!